Ray Tracing

Ray Tracing is a method of rendering 3D computer graphics that can create very photorealistic results. I bought a book on ray-tracing a long time ago and it came with some software. I messed around with it a bunch back then and since then I've come back to it to model this or that if I didn't think it would be too hard. The program I was using was DKB Ray Trace Version 2.12. It has grown up quite a bit since then and is now known as POV-Ray v3.1.

A lot of stuff has changed, and all for the better. And the really cool part is that POV-Ray is free. So go get it. If you're new to ray-tracing the tutorials actually do a pretty good job of getting you started.

On this page are some of the pictures I've made with POV-Ray. To see some actually good work take a look at the winners of the bi-monthly Internet Ray Tracing Competition.

Last Crayon

Last Crayon
My fiance Libby Paletz and I worked on this image for the July-August IRTC, themed "Loneliness".
"Last Crayon" description - "Last Crayon" source code

My View of the World

View from my cubicle at work
This is what the world looked like from the cubicle I used to work in. Pretty bleak to say the least. I'm moving up in the world, though. Now I have a window and I can actually look out on a nice lawn with trees.
"My View" description - "My View" source code

Springfield Elementary

Image of Springfield Elementary
You know, they say Bart's the dumb one, but Lisa's been in the same grade for about 10 years now too.
"Springfield" description - "Springfield" source code

Renaissance I

First image of the Renaissance Center
These two images are of Detroit's Renaissance Center. When it was built back in the 70's it was supposed to herald the rebirth of downtown Detroit. Now the company I work for is thinking about moving downtown and they're saying the same thing. Will it work? You be the judge.

Renaissance II

Second image of the Renaissance Center
"Renaissance" description - "Renaissance" source code


Image of lunar lander on the moon
Thirty years ago humanity reached farther than it ever had and a couple brave men went for a walk farther from home than anyone ever had.
"Lunar" description - "Lunar" source code

Not-So-Traditional Tea

Not-So-Traditional Tea
My girlfriend Libby Paletz and I made this image together for the November-December IRTC, themed "Spirit of Asia". We wanted to incorporate a subtle play on the word "spirit" as well as include a tip of the hat to Asian cultural traditions and rituals.
"Tea" description


My girlfriend Libby Paletz and I made this image together for the January-February IRTC, themed "World Within Worlds".
"Marbles" description - "Marbles" source code


My girlfriend Libby Paletz and I made this image together for the March-April IRTC, themed "Winter", but I messed up when sending in the entry and so it wasn't in the contest. I'm sure it would have won if it had been.
"Snowball" description