Matt's Simple Little JSON Parser

This is a simple JSON parser. When I first read about JSON I liked how simple and straightforward its formatting was. So I decided to write a little parser for it because it would be so easy to do.

The main work is done using the ParseJSON() function defined in value.h. It returns a Value object containing all the data that was parsed out. Example:

 Value *v=ParseJSON("{ \"myint\" : 5 , \"myarray\" : [ 2, 4, 6 ] }");

 Value &a=(*v)["myarray"]; // get the array member
 Value &n=a[1];            // get one of the numbers
 printf("%i\n",n.AsInt()); // should print "4"

 // or a more compact way:
 printf("%i\n",(*v)["myarray"][2].AsInt()); // should print "6"

 delete v;

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