JSON Parser Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ArrayValueThis class represents an array value
BadStartCharErrorExceptions indicating a bad UTF start character
BeUtf16LexerThis class is used to parse big-endian UTF16 input strings
BeUtf32LexerThis class is used to parse big-endian UTF32 input strings
BoolValueThis class represents a boolean value
ConversionErrorExceptions used with type conversions
EndOfInputErrorException indicating end of input
FileErrorExceptions used when reading files
FileNotFoundErrorExceptions thrown when a file is not found
FileReadErrorExceptions thrown while reading a file
FloatValueThis class represents a floating point value
IntValueThis class represents an integer value
JSONErrorBase exception used by JSON parser
LeUtf16LexerThis class is used to parse little-endian UTF16 input strings
LeUtf32LexerThis class is used to parse little-endian UTF32 input strings
LexerThis is the abstract base class for all json lexers
LexerErrorExceptions used by the lexers
MissingDataErrorExceptions indicating a bad UTF non-start character
NonIndexedErrorExceptions used when indexing fails
NoSuchMemberErrorExceptions used when unable to find the indicated index
NullValueThis class represents a null object
ObjectValueThis class represents an object value
RangeErrorException indicating a bad UTF value we can't handle
StringValueThis class represents string values
UstrClass to handle unicode strings
UstrErrorException used by the unicode string class
UstrIndexErrorAn index greater than Length was accessed
UstrNonAsciiErrorA non-ASCII character was found when only ASCII was expected
UstrUtf8BadStartCharErrorA bad UTF-8 starting character was found
UstrUtf8ErrorErrors used when converting to/from UTF-8
UstrUtf8MissingDataErrorAn incomplete UTF-8 character was found
UstrUtf8RangeErrorUnicode character was beyond the convertable range
Utf16LexerThis class is used to parse UTF16 input strings
Utf8LexerThis class is used to parse UTF8 input strings
ValueThis abstract base class represents all value objects

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