IntValue Member List

This is the complete list of members for IntValue, including all inherited members.

array enum valueValue
AsBool() constIntValue [inline, virtual]
AsFloat() constIntValue [inline, virtual]
AsInt() constIntValue [inline, virtual]
AsString() constIntValue [inline, virtual]
AsUstr() constValue [inline, virtual]
boolean enum valueValue
GetType() constIntValue [inline, virtual]
Has(unsigned int i) const Value [inline, virtual]
Has(const Ustr s) constValue [inline, virtual]
Has(const std::string s) const Value [inline, virtual]
IntValue()IntValue [inline]
IntValue(int i)IntValue [inline]
IsNull() constValue [inline, virtual]
null enum valueValue
number enum valueValue
object enum valueValue
operator[](unsigned int i)Value [inline, virtual]
operator[](const Ustr &s)Value [inline, virtual]
operator[](const std::string &s)Value [inline, virtual]
Size() constValue [inline, virtual]
string enum valueValue
ValueType enum nameValue
~IntValue()IntValue [inline, virtual]
~Value()Value [inline, virtual]

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